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Video: End Of Year Financial Checklist

Stephen: Welcome back and thanks for tuning in to another episode of the smart money show. Today we’re going to talk about the things that should be on your year-end Financial checklist.

The 2020 World Series and the Stock Market

Should investors root for the American League (Tampa Bay Rays) or National League (Los Angeles Dodgers) to win? Is there actually a difference in stock market performance depending on who wins the World Series?

Video: Stock Market Volatility & Election Uncertainty

Stephen: If you’re wondering what will happen to the stock market and the economy if there is a contested election or the implications of a president that just contracted COVID-19 then you’re going to want to watch the rest of this video.

Third Quarter Outlook 2020: A Shockingly Swift Recovery

Despite medical, economic and social turmoil, the market rebounded in the 2nd quarter to the surprise of most investors. The recovery isn’t exactly what it seems; while the largest tech stocks posted gains, many other companies are still down double digits.

Video: The COVID Recovery Expect More Volatility

Stephen: If you want to know what’s going on with the stock market and why it’s recovered so swiftly from the COVID-19 pandemic, then you’re going to want to watch the rest of this video.

Second Quarter Outlook 2020: Stay The Course

The outset of the 2020’s will be remembered for COVID-19, a global pandemic that shocked financial markets, the healthcare system, and our very way of life.