In this post, we will demonstrate how to register for your eMoney client website in a few simple steps! Start by clicking on the link in the invitation email we sent you. The registration invitation email expires 7 days from initial receipt. Please contact us directly if you need us to resend this email.

1. From your email, open the invitation email.

2. The link will open a new page in your default internet browser. Here you will establish a unique Username & Password. Follow the password meter to confirm you have met the security requirements.

3. After establishing your Username and Password, you are required to register for 2-Factor Authentication (2-FA.) The main purpose of 2-FA is to ensure the security of your information. 2-FA will verify your identity using a PIN sent to your phone. This is an important measure in safeguarding your personal financial data, a matter we take very seriously.

You will first register your Primary phone to be used for 2-FA. Enter your phone number and click Send Text Message. If you enter a landline, you can choose to receive a phone call that reads your PIN to you. For international phones, add a “+” in front of your number.

4. Once you have received your PIN, enter the 6 digit code into verification box and click Verify. Click the Call link to have the verification code read to you over a phone call. The code expires after 10 minutes, click the Resend link to receive a new PIN verification code.

5. Next you will be prompted to set up a recovery phone. This number will be used if you do not have access to your primary phone while trying to login.

6. Next, you will be prompted to answer 3 security questions.

7. Finally, read and accept the Terms of Service.

8. Once you have successfully registered for your website, you will receive a confirmation email as shown below. Save the log on link to your bookmarks for easy access!