Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone is a comedy field guide to life, or at least a set of IKEA assembly instructions. Where else can you find advice on topics from “How To Keep a Friend” to “How To Translate Your Verizon Bill?” Or even “What do I do if I encounter a Bear”. Paula and her co-host Adam Felber bring on leading expert guests and use their unique comedic sensibility to help us navigate life in the 21st century. Along the way, Paula attempts to explains existence through her kaleidoscopic perspective, and Adam tries to interject some rationality. Paula Poundstone is a nationally known comedian, legendary for her smart spontaneous humor. She and Adam are regular panelists on NPR’s #1 show, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

On this episode Paula and Adam feature Los Angeles Financial Planer Stephen Rischall to explain how to manage wealth when you don’t have any. Stephen instructs Paula how to avoid going back to the days when she ate salt for dinner and sugar for dessert. Then LA Opera Chorus Master Jeremy Frank coaches Paula on how to sing our national anthem and thus rake in those sweet pre-game gigs. Also, Adam tries to help Paula improve her party chat skills.