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Video: 2021 Mid-Year Market Outlook

[Stephen] Hello everyone and welcome to the 2021 Navalign Media Outlook. I’m Stephen Rischall and today I am joined by my partners, Chris Carter, Neal Frankle, Matt Stadelman and David Jacobs.

Translating Stock Market Jargon

Understanding the terminology used for stocks, investing, and even Wall Street is challenging to many people. However, below are some terms we hear pretty often summarized to help you.

Financial Coach vs. Financial Planner: Which One Is Right For You?

Most consumers realize along the way that some concepts about money aren’t inherent knowledge or readily available to learn. In addition, not all of us have an educated or experienced family member, teacher, friend, or outside resource to walk us through daily money management.

Investing in Your Beliefs

Your financial goals are knocking at your door, whether they are short-term or long-term. Investing might seem like the perfect solution to your needs.

Video: What's Happening With Inflation

Stephen: Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Smart Money Show. I’m your host, Stephen Rischall, along with my co-host, Matt Stadelman.

How to Fix Your Credit Score

If you’ve ever gone online to check your credit history or visited with a lender to borrow money and found your credit score to be lower than you expected, you may have initially had a moment of panic – “I didn’t know it was that low!

The Real Cost of Home Improvement

Buying a home is a big decision and an even bigger investment. For many, purchasing a home will be their most significant financial transaction, becoming the most valuable asset they own.

Video: President Biden's Proposed Tax Changes

Welcome to another episode of the “Smart Money Show”. I’m your host, Stephen Rischall, and today, I have a really important Smart Money update for you about President Biden’s proposed tax changes, which are part of the fiscal year 2022 budget.