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Why Couples Disagree About Money

If you’ve ever been in any kind of relationship, chances are you have experienced differences with your partner about money.

What’s Your Money Personality?

Did you know there’s ongoing research dedicated to figuring out the different money personalities of individuals? The goal of studying personalities as they relate to money is to enable businesses to create methods to target these various behaviors.

Credit Report versus Credit Score – Which Tells Me More?

It seems like now, more than ever, people are obsessed with their credit scores. Don’t get me wrong, you certainly want to maintain good credit, but do understand all sorts of new services and products have been introduced to monetize this nascent business.

How Much Home Can You Afford?

Many financial experts recommend you spend no more than 30% of your gross monthly income on housing expenses. And, they recommend spending no more than 35% of your gross monthly income on debt which includes your mortgage.

Co-Sign a Loan, Just Say No

It’s not hard to recall heartbreaking stories of drama that unfolds between family or friends who have agreed to co-sign some sort of loan.

The 4 Biggest Money Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve never liked the word “mistake” – it always seems to add guilt to what is otherwise a need to learn a new lesson or correct an error in judgment.

Protecting Against Elder Abuse

We’ve all heard stories about financial abuse targeting elders and the bad news is it’s only getting worse. Elder financial abuse includes scams and other exploitation targeting the savings of people ages 60 and older.

How to Avoid Being the Bank of Mom and Dad

It’s that time of year again, college graduation is upon us, and with schools on Summer break many empty-nesters will suddenly find themselves with not-so-empty nests…and, if they’re not careful, empty wallets.