Thank you, thank you and thank you from the entire Navalign Wealth Partners team. Who would have thought that going to a party in Encino, California to highlight the accomplishments of some of the best financial advisors in Los Angeles could be so much fun!

Our launch party was a huge success thanks to the more than 170 clients and friends that came to celebrate with us. Thank you! We greatly appreciate all of you that came out, and the many more that called us on the phone, sent us letters, emails and text messages to share your best wishes for Navalign.

The energy in the room was incredible and the food, which included fresh sushi, lamb chops, and yes, even gluten free and vegan options, was tasty! Not to mention the wonderful bartenders who helped us all stay hydrated with water to whiskey and everything in between.

Magic money tricks with Danny Magic

Even world-famous magician Danny Magic (above) came out to have some fun at the Navalign launch party and provide some entertainment. Here he is with a 5 of clubs on his forehead… but more impressive than this card trick was his magic of turning a stack of $1 bills into $100’s right before our eyes.

Happy investing with a 529 college savings plan

Looks like this little one was excited to hear the big news! In case you missed it we announced that Navalign is now offering an innovative multi-generational approach to financial planning for your family! The financial decisions you make are about more than just numbers and planning for today. By blending smart technology with personal service, Navalign is proud to offer expanded services to both our most affluent as well as up-and-coming clients.

You can check out all the photos and videos plus tag yourself here on the Navalign Wealth Partners facebook page. Be sure to like our page and if you’ve had a great experience working with us, we want to hear about it, so leave us a review on facebook too.

Throughout the night everyone was asking us the same questions. How did we come up with Navalign Wealth Partners? What does it mean? Well, here is the answer…

Navalign logo

Our new name and company wasn’t born over night, in fact the founding partners have known each other for more than eight years. Over that time we came to see that we shared a lot of the same values, both personally and in business. We also shared similar experiences, seeing as how we all previously worked for large Wall Street brokerage firms, and at different points in our careers, came to the conclusion that their had to be a better way to help clients and place their best interest first.

That is why we started Navalign, to become a 100% fee-only, fiduciary financial firm. We wanted to be completely independent from the big banks and brokerage firms to eliminate many conflicts of interest still found in the industry today. We wanted to build a financial planning and investment company that focused on our clients goals first and could provide a level of personal service that goes far beyond the numbers to engage in the human side of finance.

All of this is what lead us to build Navalign Wealth Partners. Simply put, we help our clients navigate important financial decisions that are in complete alignment with their best interest.

Thank you again for celebrating with us, we greatly value the trust you have placed in our team and we look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals!