You work for today and you plan for tomorrow. That’s why your business goals should align with your retirement benefits.

Setting up the right retirement plan for your business is critical. It can help reduce taxes, increase savings and incentivize key employees. We invite you to learn how our team of fiduciary retirement plan experts can help your business with a variety of retirement benefit programs.

401(k) and Defined Contribution Plans

These types of plans enable employees and employers to contribute a certain amount of compensation directly to a retirement savings plan. Under these arrangements, a certain dollar amount or percentage of compensation is contributed to the plan for the benefit of eligible participants.

  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • Profit Sharing
  • Money Purchase Pension

Defined Benefit Plans and Pensions

These types of plans use formulas to determine the future benefit eligible participants are to receive at retirement. Defined benefit plans can provide significantly higher tax savings deferrals and retirement benefits compared to defined contribution plans.

  • Traditional Defined Benefit
  • Cash Balance
  • Pension Plan

Non-Qualified Plans

By far the most flexible type of retirement plan, a non-qualified plan is not subject to ERISA guidelines. These types of plans can be setup to specifically benefit certain key employees and owners, as such, they come with additional risks and drawbacks to consider.

  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan
  • Top Hat Plan
  • Rabbi Trust
  • Deferred Compensation

Small Business Retirement Plans

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, work with a partner or have a few employees, specific types of retirement plans are better suited for closely held businesses. We help business owners benefit from the simplicity and lower costs associated with these types of retirement plans.

  • Solo 401(k)
  • Individual Roth 401(k)