You are a fiduciary; wouldn’t it be great if your advisor was too? Being a fiduciary is a serious responsibility, we know, and that’s why we built Navalign to be an independent fiduciary financial services firm.

When it comes to administering your family’s estate, dealing with emotions and finances together can present unique challenges. Navalign provides personal fiduciary investment services to help trustees and executors navigate important financial decisions aligned with the best interest of beneficiaries.

Our fiduciary, fee-only investment services are simple to understand and completely transparent.

So, whether you’re responsible for your family’s trust, managing generational wealth or coordinating a thoughtful estate plan, our fiduciary financial advisors can help.

Trusted Financial Advice

We believe financial advice should always be in your best interest. The important financial decisions in your life are more than just numbers, it’s your emotions, your values and your goals. That’s why Navalign partners with you, as a fiduciary financial advisor, to help you navigate important life decisions. If you’re searching for answers to your financial questions, our team of financial experts are here to help.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is more than just a report and recommendations. Financial planning is a process, a discipline we can help you develop to achieve your financial goals. We believe in holistic financial life planning, this encompasses all aspects of your personal finances; cash flow, investments, taxes, risk management, legacy planning, philanthropy and more. Let us show you how fiduciary financial planning can help you understand the future impact of the important decisions you are considering today.

Investment Services

Successful investing requires a disciplined approach with a long-term perspective. Our team of fiduciary investment advisors has experience managing all types of accounts and can customize an investment plan specifically for you. Let us show you how to align your investment portfolio with your personal financial goals and timelines.