The Tradition of Family Wealth Planning Conversations in 2023
Sunday, October 15th, 2023
woman in black long sleeve shirt holding black ceramic mug

Whether it’s gathering for an annual reunion, recounting an anecdote about quirky Uncle Jim, or simply being there for one another during difficult times, family traditions are the comfort food that nourishes our most satisfying relationships. We’d like to invite you to begin a new and important family tradition: family wealth planning conversations.

What Are Family Wealth Planning Conversations (And Why Have Them)?

At their best, family wealth planning conversations engage every family member, each of you contributing your talents and interests to achieving your collective and personal lifetime goals. That’s not to say everyone must participate equally.

As we work with families, one individual often emerges as the spokesperson or steward for the group. That’s fine if the role is based on a mutual and deliberately planned arrangement. If it is instead based on unspoken assumptions or force of habit, your family wealth planning may benefit from a fresh conversation.

Even if your family is in full agreement on who is best suited to champion its interests, there’s always life’s many “what ifs.” Are others in your family adequately prepared to assume the stewardship role when and if it is required of them? Might they have unexpressed questions or concerns that are best addressed well before that day may arrive? Carving out time to hold candid conversations is where it all begins.

Let Us Guide Your New Tradition

To kick off your family wealth planning conversation, we invite you and your family to meet with us at your convenience. A face-to-face meeting is optimal, or we can harness technology to hold the meeting online. We can guide you in exploring key considerations such as:

  1. Defining Roles: How would each of you define your roles in your family wealth planning?
  2. Satisfaction: Are each of you satisfied with your current roles?
  3. Information Sharing: Do all family members have the essential information, should they be required to increase their participation? (For example, do they know how to be in touch with us directly?)
  4. Open Dialogue: Are there other questions, suggestions, or family wealth dynamics you’d like to explore, either immediately or over time?
  5. Our Assistance: How can Navalign Wealth Partners best assist each of you in these and other areas?

We encourage you to think outside the box on this! You may well discover insights about one another that could strengthen both your financial conversations as well as your overall family dynamics.

As tradition suggests, we also hope you’ll consider this the first in a recurring conversation, with or without our participation, as you prefer. Regardless of who may be “in charge” of your family wealth, all/both of you are equally as dependent on the outcome of the efforts.

Enabling a forum for everyone’s voice to be heard is another way Navalign Wealth Partners helps you achieve your goals, keeping your family’s wealth fresh and meaningful over time.

Family wealth planning conversations are more vital than ever. They ensure that your wealth remains a source of strength, unity, and security for your family. So, consider making this a new tradition that will safeguard your financial future and enrich your familial bonds.